Bar Review – Shoolbred’s

Jake and Lexie head off to 2nd Ave and 12th Street in the East Village to check out the Scottish Pub, Shoolbred’s! It has a large liquor and beer menu, and the deals aren’t bad either: 2 for 1 happy hours!

YouTube link here.


2 Responses to “Bar Review – Shoolbred’s”

  1. Excellent site guys! Pick a topic you know and love and then run with it. A recipe for success. I’ll have to try this place out. I love the Drop Off Service on 13th and A just around the corner.

  2. this bar is awesome if you’re looking for a place with good atmosphere and delicious beer…plus, they have the best happy hour deal in town! (2 for 1 on all tap beers, which used to include the delirium and still might!) good scottish food too. there are also hooks under the bar to hang your bag and coat, which might seem like an insignificant detail, but really means a lot (especially to the girls!).

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