Food For Drunks

Although for many years, I’ve maintained that Mamoun’s Falafel is the greatest drinking food in New York, my buddy Patrick may have just introduced me to an eatery that tops it in the contest for best food to eat before you hit the road after a prolonged bout of drinking.

If you’re a frequenter of that area on the far west side of New York between Sixth Avenue and Soho, you’ve undoubtedly seen those words glowing in big red neon letters: Steak Frites. Maybe you’ve never gone by, or maybe you have and the fact that the waiters are wearing ties throws you off. Maybe you didn’t come close enough to the restaurant to notice that fantastic placard that proudly tells you “Beer, Frites, Draft – $10.95.” Because let me tell you, my friends, this is one of the best deals in Manhattan.

Bad news first, the draft’s a PBR. But if that’s bothering you at the end of your night, then you simply have not done your job as a New York drinker. And anyway, the beer’s just the side note, because this burger? It’s a pretty good damn burger. And if the place is empty and you ask for something that doesn’t normally go on it, they may be nice to you and put it on anyway. And these fries? These are good fucking fries. These ain’t no “we just pulled these out of the freezer and threw ‘em in the oil” fries. These are pieces of potatoes that have been cooked and salted to perfection.

The atmosphere is great. It’s pretty chill; you can just walk on in. And when your bill comes in the end, after a nice big meal that hits your stomach just right and a beer – a shitty beer, but a beer nonetheless – to wash it all down, and you see that you only owe eleven bucks (plus tax and tip), you feel like a damn king.

The place may be a bit out of your way. It’s down on Clarkson and Varick, and there’s not a lot else down there. At the same time, it’s summer – the weather’s really nice, and this is a deal worth walking for. Another caveat, they’re soon going to change the name to “Lucy Browne’s”, which is a decision I’m not thrilled with. But they swear the deal’s going to stick around. Even so, get down there before they change the name. Because when you’re eating in Lucy Browne’s, it just won’t feel the same as when you’re eating in a place that has “steak” in the name.

Burger, frites, draft – $10.95. Do you really need to know more? Get off your ass and give this place some love.

– Jake


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