Drinking Game – Drunken Monopoly

I know what you’re thinking: a board game in which you pay rent? Isn’t that life? What’s next? A board game in which some other player gives you a prostate exam? Or how about “Get Mugged: The Experience”? For those who love the shoe, the battleship, and the thimble, there is just no getting those who despise this game to like it.

Or is there?


Behold! Drunken Monopoly!

All Monopoly rules apply. There are some interesting additions, however.

• One Player is the Drink Master: Like the banker, he/she assigns drinks to people when they accomplish his goal. It is a heady position, one which should not be handled likely. This person should get a reward – preferably bacon in some capacity – for his job.
• Roll Evens: Take a drink.
• Roll Odds: Give a drink.
• Pay Rent: Drink 2
• Pass Go: Give 2
• Land on an Empty Property but do NOT buy it: Drink 4
• Go to Jail: Finish your drink

You can make up any other rules that you want. Unlike in regular Monopoly, however, Unsportsmanlike Conduct is not only acceptable, but encouraged. Bribe the banker or drink master. Pay rent in singles. Tip players for rolling and/or moving you. Heckle opponents’ rolls. You get the idea.

Take a chance on this version of fun and notice how much more enjoyable it can be when you’re twelve sheets to the wind. Giddiness sets in after the first pass around the board. Basic motor functions cease by the time someone has built up Boardwalk and Park Place. Bankruptcy means liver failure. When the game finally ends (if people haven’t passed out by then), you’ll find you have a newfound love for this ancient game.


Monopoly = game of landlords. Drunken Monopoly = game of kings. And drunkards.

– Steele


2 Responses to “Drinking Game – Drunken Monopoly”

  1. themuterobot Says:

    Sir, I would like to play this, “Drunken Monopoly.”

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