We Are The Future

Recently, Apple announced that the new version of their video editing software, Final Cut Studio 3, will not have any updates for their DVD burning software. That means no support for blu-ray among other things. Now this may just be a rumor but if it’s true, it’s big news for everyone; even the drunkards who read this site. This news further cements online distribution as…THE FUTURE.

That means that whenever you watch a beer or bar review on this site or whenever you post a comment, you’re supporting the future. You’re supporting change; progress; technology; call it what you want. However, when you support ancient dinosaur machines by purchasing “DVDs,” or these supposed “Blu-Ray” discs, you’re moving our society in the wrong direction, a move which will ultimately lead us to a very weak position globally as other countries burn their DVDs and execute those with particularly large DVD collections.

Advancements are already being made to take websites like Hulu and Youtube and transmit them directly to your TV. Heck, you may already be watching our Brew Yorker videos on your television, right now, as we speak. Er…as I write. I mean, as you read. Whatever. In any case, this is an exciting time for anyone who likes to watch things. Feature length films are now on Youtube; the redbox has made Blockbuster and it’s mafia associates obsolete; laserdiscs are even MORE irrelevant than they were before.

And the center of this whole dramatic shift in media and technology? Right here. That’s right, the Brew Yorker is the heart of the future. So stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen. Because you ain’t seen nothing yet (like, for example, a baby with a baby in his neck).

– David


One Response to “We Are The Future”

  1. Thanks for the future!
    Hopefully you aren’t implying that deformed twin babies will be a common part of this future.

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