Truth Is More Plentiful Than Fiction

The other day I was at a bar with Jake, shooting something. Afterwards we were talking with the bartender. He was talking about how there are hundreds of stories bartenders have relating to drunk people, crazy people, and bars. The bartender said he wanted to collect all these stories and put them in a book. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to talk about them. Didn’t feel comfortable divulging the stories. Understandable, but sad.

We have done a few segments on this site for this series called “Thank You, Alcohol,” where we simply point the camera towards someone and have them tell a crazy alcohol related story. There haven’t been many, because not many people are exactly willing to tell embarrassing stories on camera.

As you can see from Youtube, however, the problem isn’t that there aren’t enough people willing to tell these stories; it’s just that The Brew Yorker doesn’t really have access to these people. Granted, I’m only talking about a very small percentage of Youtube videos that tell a true story, in one of several formats (personal account, documentary, etc). What we begin to see is why the entertainment industry is suffering so much. Truth isn’t just stranger than fiction; it’s more plentiful, more profitable, more accessible, and easier to produce. Reality shows don’t count, obviously.

What does this mean for entertainment and the internet in general? Well, we’re talking about a major revolution in media; one that is in progress, and transforming the world so quickly, no one can keep track. What does this mean for The Brew Yorker? Hopefully more fans…

So the next time you’re out with friends trying to decide what to do, instead of paying $12 a person to see a movie, just go to someone’s apartment and exchange crazy stories for two hours. Chances are, the latter option will be more entertaining. Alternatively, you could just watch Brew Yorker videos for 2 hours…

– David


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