My First Internship

It was the summer between my sophomore and junior year when I started my first internship. I don’t want to say the real name of the company, so let’s just call it Monkey Poop. Anyway, Monkey Poop was a company that produced and directed music videos, corporate videos, and anything else that made money and was kind of cool. Over the course of that summer, they let me do some interesting things. I got to go on their sets, help them put proposals together, and so on. But I’ll never forget my first assignment for them.

I had to get them some fucking beer.

Now, I was 20, so legally I couldn’t even buy beer. Don’t get me wrong, I had certainly bought beer for myself & friends before then, but the idea of going on a beer run for an incorporated business seemed a bit sketchy to me. Still, I was an intern, and I had a “job” to do, even if it was unpaid outside of a few lunches, tokes of weed, and a large cookie wrapped up in a thank you note scribbled on cellophane. So I got the beer, and I wasn’t even carded.

That was the icebreaker. Served me well during that summer. I didn’t earn their trust through hard work, or proving valuable on set. I earned their trust because when they needed beer, damn it, I got beer for them; laws be DAMNED. And maybe I didn’t learn much from that internship, but…oh, who am I kidding, that internship was a complete waste of a summer.

Good times.

– David


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