The Fountain Of Youth

The Fountain of Youth is a legendary source of eternal youth, thousands of years old. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. If an old person drinks from it, he becomes young and youthful. I’m happy to report that this fountain does exist; it’s liquid is bottled in various containers and shipped throughout the world. The drink goes by many names; beer, wine, liquor, and lighter fluid (not recommended), to name a few.

I was in charge of filming a wedding about a week ago. The bride and groom were both in their late fifties; outside of a few kids and relatives from a previous marriage, the age of the guests ranged from 40s to 80s. I expected the reception to be what we folks in the wedding videography industry refer to as “ass-boring,” consisting largely of old people smoking cigars and chortling about the end of the world. That’s before I remembered the fountain of youth.

Do you have any memories of your parents getting tipsy or drunk at a party you got dragged to? It was like that, times one hundred people, most of whom were tearing up the dance floor using moves so bizarre and unnatural, they looked like college students high out of their minds. The bride, of legal retirement age, was dancing like a kid.

Honestly, as strange as it was, it was also quite inspirational. There’s a cultural stereotype that after the age of forty, you don’t have fun, and you’re not cool. Movies like Up and Grumpy Old Men try to break this stereotype, but they fail miserably. Possibly because they don’t factor alcohol into the equation.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, you don’t need alcohol to be cool…until you’re forty or older. After that, you may need alcohol to be cool, or you may not. Really depends on how willing you are to wildly gesticulate and hit on members of the band half your age as your grown son watches.

– David


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