Buying A Keg In New York

As you’ll all recall from high school and college, a keg of beer is a thing of beauty. It’s cheaper than buying cans, more environmentally friendly, and generally just more bad-ass than any other kind of alcoholic beverage that you can provide at a party. But here in New York, getting a keg can be QUITE a problem. But have no fear: if you were ever wondered just how to secure that 5.5, 7.5, or 15.5 gallon container of wonder, you need search no longer.

New York Beverage

This beer distributor has a good number of brews available in both keg and cases. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable, but also very no-nonsense. It’s a business, and they want to sell you (and others) quality brew at decent prices without fuss. Don’t expect that they’ll be all chummy with you because you call them “brah”.

Phone Number: 212.831.4000
Beers on Keg: 45+
Price (Low-End): $105 for a half (15.5) of Budweiser
Price (High-End): $179 for a half of Brooklyn I.P.A.

New Beer Distributors

Located a couple blocks south of 2nd Ave and Houston, the New Beer Distributors sell a whole lot of fantastic brew. You’ll feel like a glorified beer snob as you check through their selection (separated by continent and country), and their prices aren’t too shabby, either. The last time I checked, their keg selection was limited, but call ahead and see what they have.

Phone Number: 212.473.8757
Beers on Keg: 10-12
Price (Low-End): $110
Price (High-End): $200

Flair Beverages Inc.

I don’t think there’s more of a Beer Mecca in New York than this place. Row upon row of cases and kegs (not just of beer, but also soda and other soft drinks) are available for wholesale and retail pick-up and delivery. The prices can’t be beat, and though the selection of cases is better (by hundreds) than kegs, I can’t praise this place enough. Just remember to bring cash: they don’t take credit.

Phone Number: 212.569.8713
Beers on Keg: 20+
Price (Low-End): $90
Price (High-End): $190

Other Places

115 R&P – 115th and Madison Avenue: (212) 828-5511
Riverside Beer District Inc‎ – 12th Ave: (212) 234-3884‎

Remember that New York State requires a deposit in addition to every establishment’s own deposit charges. Most places will rent out a tap: just remember to soak it in water. And if you “prime” the keg by pumping several dozen times before pouring, I hope you burn in hell for all eternity with all the rest of your massive-head-inducing ilk.

Otherwise, happy drinking!

– Steele


One Response to “Buying A Keg In New York”

  1. this is really helpful, thanks! now, if only you could tell me how to get the keg up the five flights of stairs in my walk-up…

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