Failed Advertising Presents: Guinness Boy

If you’ve ever been at a bar, then you know the kind of commotion that the arrival of a Miller Lite Girl or Corona Lass can cause. Drunken idiots falling over themselves to impress moderately attractive women, free visors, and the subtle but omnipresent pressure to order a brew of the ladies’ employer (no matter how much you don’t want to drink it). Guinness experimented with this kind of thing a few years back, but apparently something in the details was lost on the trip across the pond…

YouTube link here.


2 Responses to “Failed Advertising Presents: Guinness Boy”

  1. i dont know…i’d take the brooklyn over guiness any day. brooklyn chocolate stout anyone?

  2. I just got out of a drug rehab and a guiness sounds tasty right about now. I’ve never had a brooklyn chocolate stout…that sounds even better.

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