David Solomon Resume

David Solomon

Software: Final Cut Studio 2, After Effects, Avid Media Composer, Photoshop, Final Draft
Skills: HTML & CSS, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; Experienced with Macs and PCs Equipment: Panasonic DVX-100b, Arriflex 16mm, PD150 Sony, Steenbeck flatbed

Videographer/Editor, The Brew Yorker, New York, NY February 2009-Present
Edit, film, and design motion graphics for content including comedy sketches, interviews, and short documentaries; import and export media in a variety of formats; and work with producers and other editors

Producer/Editor, Plum TV, New York, NY June 2006-February 2009
Edited, produced, and filmed content including commercials, promos, music performances, cooking shows, and half-hour interviews; imported and exported media in a variety of formats; and worked with other producers and editors

Production Intern, Wildchild Films, New York, NY June-September 2005
Corresponded with publishing agents, wrote script coverage, handled clerical work, and assisted office manager

Development Intern, Kandokid Films, New York, NY May-August 2004 Created DVD reels, worked as production assistant, and handled clerical work

Editor, Sound Designer. “Open Exchange/Beyond the Boardroom” half-hour, 5 camera interview show, filmed on 24p. 5 episodes. (2006-2009)

Editor, Sound Designer. “Kitchen MC” 5 minute, 3 camera cooking shows, filmed on 24p. 17 Episodes. (2007-2008)

Editor. “Juan’s Basement” 15 minute, 5 camera musical performance show, filmed on 24p. 4 episodes. (2006-2007)

Editor. “They Seek Him Here” 16mm short. (2007)

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor. “Weekend Rental” 24p short. Five actors, seven crewmembers. (2006)

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor. “Wall Street Bonding” 16mm short. Two actors, nine crewmembers. (2005)

New York University, Tisch School of the Arts BFA Film and Television Production May 2006 Coursework In: 16mm Film-Making and Editing, Screenwriting, Documentary Directing and Editing, Television Production and Directing, and Sound Design


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  1. I also do bar-mitzvahs!

  2. He does weddings too!

  3. i dont get it

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