About BY…


The Brew Yorker is all about booze. Beer, in particular, and bars in general. Focusing on the New York area, we’ll bring you top quality info and fun from the world of dim lights, surly bartenders, and morning-after hangovers. No cover charge: come on in.


Want to contact the Brew Yorker? Do so by emailing thebrewyorker@gmail.com.

Are you a Bar Owner, Beer Brewer, or some other proprietor of alcoholic goodness who would be interested in us reviewing you? Please put your title and “Shooting Inquiry” somwhere in the subject header.

Are you from the Press and wish to contact us? Please put “Press Inquiry” somewhere in the subject header.

Are you contacting us with general comments, concerns, or want to complain? If so, please put “General” somewhere in the subject header.

Are you with the New Yorker and are concerned about something or other? If so, go here

The Fools in Charge

Artem “The Rushin’ Russian” Agafanov – Director, Videographer

Alexander “Sir Drinks-a-Lot” Blechman – Producer, Developer, Presenter, Writer

Tyrus “The Virus” Cukavac – Editor

Jacob “Mr. Freeze” Dickerman – Producer, Developer, Presenter, Writer

Rita Esquenazi, a.k.a. “The Ritz Cracker” – Production Crew, Sound

Steele Filipek, the Pittsburgh Petunia – Producer, Creator, Presenter, Writer

“Lady” Lexie Kahanovitz – Presenter, Writer

“Huge” Hugh Mackey – Director, Videographer

Will “And Grace” Purpura – Production Crew, Writer

Michael S. Rehse, alias “Rehsie-Pooh” – Website Design (future), Business Advisor

David “Sully” Solomon – Producer, Developer, Editor


3 Responses to “About BY…”

  1. This is the best temporary website that I have ever seen. You all must be brilliant products of very expensive universities.

  2. Auntie Lisa Says:

    Love the concept ~ I think you should be “discovered” and have your own show Food Network

  3. drinking dude Says:

    This is almost the Systine Chapel ceiling of web sites. Really.
    All you’d need to do would be to throw in God and full-frontal male nudity, and you’d have it all.
    Still a darn good site.

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